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Hey Guys Whats Up Its Katy Perry. I was Born On 10-25-1984, In Santa Barbara, California. I have A Brother And A Sister. My Brother Is Younger, And I Have An Older Sister. 1. Not a vegetarian, but drives a hybrid :) hee hee
2. I am a vintage collector... of all things... it's my main steeze.
3. I can surf... being a girl from santa barbara we did all that growing up... surfing, skating, camping.
4. I am a big fan of weekend trips... like hopping in the car with friends and we all go to Santa Barbara, SF, Palm Springs, Vegas...
5. Big fan of garage sales, estate sale, the rose bowl, fairfaaxxx flea market and Thrift stores...It's like treasure hunting... my dad to this day will still wake me up @ 7am to go to garage sales when I'm back home.
6. I love anything Japanese... like going down to Sawtelle and looking at all the Japanese-y stuff.
7. I play both electric and acoustic guitars... but I don't wanna come off a snob about it...
8. I LOVE rollerskating, MINATURE GOLF and ice skating :)
9. I used to take swing dancing for three years in SB that's where I got a lot of my 1940's style education.


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